Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The strategy of our company is anticipating and satisfying the needs and requirements of our Customers. 
We realize it through the production and sale of competitive products and services and quality required by Customer. We declare the timely completion of contracts and orders.

Striving for continuous improvement, we implement modern production techniques. We believe that the applied level of manufacturing technology ensures the efficiency of operations and provides continuous development of our Company. At every stage of production  we perform optimization of manufacturing costs..

We declare reduction of the negative impact of our production on the environment around us.All our employees are fully engaged in the continuous improvement of our processes.

We provide all necessary recourses for our employees in order to let them identify and eliminate any obstacles in production & services quality improvement. We strongly encourage our employees to improve their professional skills.


Our competence

    • 31 years of experience in machining


    • 23 years of experience in the automotive industry


    • Customer Orientation


    • Modern QD and Production Facilities


    • Tolerances in microns


  • Flexibility for low and high volumes