The serial high volume production, in particular for the automotive industry, requires statistical process control (SPC). This involves the need to measure many characteristics with high accuracy in a short cycle time. High frequency - even up to 100% - of inspection of manufactured parts creates a necessity of measurement "at workstation" - between subsequent operations.
Measuring devices "Multi-check", have been invented as a result of cooperation between Propart and Oberon. Experience in the field of machining, large production capabilities and extensive technical knowledge of Propart together with the experience and knowledge regarding the metrology of length and angle from Oberon successfully created synergy of expertize. This enabled us to build a sophisticated device ensuring accurate measurement of plenty of characteristics such as: distance, diameter, runout and others, within a production cycle time.
Our design consists of special, dedicated mechanical parts, as well as of components from well-known brand manufacturers:
– THK (precise linear guides)
– Sylvac (inductive displacement transducers)
– Schwenk (measuring heads for holes - 2-points method)
 IBR (collection, visualization and analysis of measurement data)

Special features of our "Multi-check" design are:
- high quality and precision
- resistance to difficult production conditions (dustiness, oil mist, etc.)
- fast, simultaneous measurement of even several characteristics
- precise induction heads built-in
- archiving measurement data on PCs or industrial computers
- use of modern touch LCD monitors
- possibility of using wireless transmission
- possibility of integration with the Customers systems
- application of professional ComGage software adapted to individual Customer’s needs
- measurement data visualization project according to Customer expectations (tolerance field indicators, charts, analog-digital indicators, control charts, histograms)

Examples of implementation

Photo 1. Device #1 – 3D model
Photo 2. Device #1 – ready for measured component to be placed in
Photo 3. Device #1 – during measurement
Photo 4. Device #2 – during measurement
Photo 5. Device #2 – visualization of measurement

In order to collect, visualize and archive measurement data from Multi-check , ComGage software and the IBR modular system are provided. Thus obtained data can be stored and worked out on both: regular PCs or dedicated industrial workstations.

The basic features of the software:
- several versions from basic up to advanced
- support for up to 128 measuring instruments
- possibility of simultaneous servicing of several measuring processes
- cooperation with the IBR modular system
- the possibility of connecting digital instruments of all branded manufacturers
- support for pneumatic heads
- fully configurable measuring processes
- a large number of options for visualizing measurement results
- advanced statistical options (control charts, histograms, analyzes)
- integrated database
- the ability to export data to an Excel or Q DAS file
- user rights control

Photo 6. Example of measurements visualization
Photo 7. Possibilities to connect other devices