cnc machining of castings
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suspension components,
pulleys, wheelcases,
road wheels,
pulley blocks and rope pulleys,
braking system components,
machining of casting,
machining of iron and aluminum castings,
machining of forged objects on CNC lathes and CNC turning centers,
machining of rods on CNC automatic machines,
surface refinement


MITUTOYO Crysta-Apex C776 triaxial measuring station
CMM Zeiss WMM 850
ETALON-DERBY 454 measuring machine
CP400-MITUTOYO contour measuring machine
CP4-MAHR contour measuring machine
OVIS-100 whipping control system - OPTOSOFT
OPTOSOFT flaw detector
SJ-201 MITUTOYO surface roughness tester
SJ-400 MITUTOYO surface roughness tester
SURTRONIC 3+ TAYLOR-HOBSON surface roughness tester
CARL ZEISS JENA length tester
MSP-2 MAHR statistics printer
DP-1 HS MITOTOYO miniprocessor
BRINELLA hardness tester
HH-401 MITUTOYO hardness tester
TH170-CV INSTRUMENT hardness tester
Electronic scales
DIGMAR M600-MAHR electronic height gauge
LH-600B MITUTOYO electronic height gauge
LH-L350 MITUTOYO electronic height gauge
MINI-VERTICAL TVM 301-TRIMOS electronic height gauge
Slide calipers, micrometer calipers, inside micrometers and sensor micrometers, depth gauges, marking height gauge, measuring heads
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